Sunday, 24 November 2013

So pleased I joined

I joined UK Veg Gardeners a while ago.
 What a wonderful friendly Website with an active Forum

 I have had lots of questions answered having found that growing Vegetables is not as easy as it looks on TV Gardening Programmes

My Dad was a Naval Man and he called the November Garden tidy up " buttoning down the hatches " so here I go to do a bit more while it is still light  


  1. Veg gardening is all about experience. All of us end up saying "Next year I'll.......". When I last lived in Sussex (West Chiltington), our soil was pure grey sand; great for spuds and carrots, but not much else.

  2. You are so right about it not being as easy as it looks on TV! It is always good to have other people's opinions, especially when there is a new great variety to try or if crops are disappointing. Veg growers are an optimistic bunch - why else would we still be growing anything after last year?

  3. Its always good to hear different opinions from various people about gardening, after all every garden is different. There will always be successes and failures.


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