Sunday, 4 August 2013

Beginning of August

Cheeky Snail in broad daylight !  We did  have a  tray of Lettuces for a few weeks until he found them

Radishes are said to be so easy to grow ?  Ours have gone to seed.
Should I pull them all up ?

Dwarf French Beans are just about ok 

Drawer Bed. The Fennel I replanted in a pot looks happier than the ones in the bed.

Now named the Disaster Bed because everything has been struggling to survive in it. The Artichokes behind it look happy and the one which appeared in the bed is thriving too

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  1. Good shot of the snail, there are certainly plenty of them around this season despite the hot weather. Re the Radishes, unless you want to save the seed pull them up.


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