Saturday, 6 July 2013

What should I do with my Fennel ?

I was so excited when 3 of my 16 Fennel seeds came up
( In the middle of photo )
I have just read that Fennel is not a good bed companion and can only be grown with Leeks
Because only 3 came up I sowed Beetroot next to it yesterday 
 It is in bed with Scizonera ( only 5 of 12 came up ) Endive and Spring Onions
I don't know what to do ?  Will it kill it if I try to transplant it ?
Advice needed please.....


  1. I'm no expert, as you will see from my blog! But if it's florence fennel (the bulb type) it won't like to be transplanted. If it's herb fennel (leafy type) I don't think it will mind.

    Having said that, the plants look a little too cosy to me, so even if florence fennel it may be worth transplanting - just really try to avoid damaging the roots...

  2. Thanks Belinda. It is a Florence Fennel so I will try just transplanting one of the 3 and hope it survives. Marion

  3. Update August 11th. The Fennel I transplanted into a pot is looking better than the two still in the bed. Another lesson learned. Thank you Belinda. Marion x


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