Monday, 15 July 2013

Lettuce spacing and reminder to self for next year

Conflicting advice is so confusing for beginners. My Husband bought these lettuces which have been sown less than an inch apart. I regret thinning out my lettuces now as it said to on the packet. These commercially grown ones are tightly packed and are perfect.
My Spicy Mix ones have gone to seed already. I need to read up more about the best variety to grow.
Any suggestions would be very welcome

Reminder to self.  Don't even think about growing Strawberries
I haven't grown Strawberries this year as rats ate them last year
 This is the other reason.  When they are reduced my husband buys 25 boxes of them and we can't fit them all in the Fridge !


  1. I love that photo of strawberries - will you be making jam, or is there an appropriately sized vat of cream to pour onto them? The weather/stress affects plants running to seed. The easiest way to deal with it is to sow every couple of weeks so there's always something to eat, or select a variety which is slower to bolt. That said, on some years, rocket seems barely out of the ground before it runs to seed!

  2. We gave a lot of them away and made lots of Smoothies. They went soggy very quickly so a lot ended up being rehomed in the Compost Bin. I will try sowing little and often next year. You are right about the Rocket, ours has gone to seed already. Marion x


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