Friday, 14 June 2013

What do I do with a Caterpillar ?

I found this fat healthy Caterpillar today. Friend or foe ? 

I showed it to Charlie who promptly picked it up in his gentle Spaniel mouth and ran off with it !

The Caterpillar survived being dropped 6 times by Charlie
I can't kill a butterfly in pyjamas so I have put it as far away as I can from the veg patch
I have sown today 9 BEANS and 16 BEETROOT all soaked for 2 hours after reading my " Square Foot Gardening " Library book
Some SWEDE have come up at last. 
They were sown between the ONIONS 8 days ago. I marked where I put each one with a wooden stick
An ARTICHOKE has come up in the BEETROOT bed  !


  1. That caterpillar may be an angle shades moth caterpillar - which isn't too dodgy for veg ( but it may be a cabbage white.....

  2. I think it is a small white butterfly caterpillar so best kept away from your brassicas. Hate to say it but being deprived of its food source it will die anyway!

  3. Oh dear I do feel sorry for it now. There are lots of leaves where I put it but no Brassicas


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