Saturday, 22 June 2013

Our Kitchen Garden is looking more colourful now

Our Kitchen Garden is looking more colourful 
 I have marked where I have sown some more Kohl Rabi Seed with my used Birthday Cake Candles

This bobbly thing is blowing around in the wind acting hopefully as a Bird Scarer.  I have never seen one before.  It was in the bunch of flowers my Son gave me for my Birthday

Thanks for dropping by. Marion x


  1. Very colourful markers. I'm not sure the bird scarer looks like some Strawberries, it might actually attract some birds.
    P.S. What happened to your Stag Beetle post? Its showing up on my feed but can't access a page direct?

  2. Our cats thought the Bird Scarer was a toy....whoops ! Marion x


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