Tuesday, 4 June 2013

1 June to 5 June Kitchen Garden Progress Report

We wondered what the cat was playing with....Poor Slow Worm  R.I.P. 
 To attract Hoverflies I have sown Poached Egg Flowers

GOOD NEWS  The RADISH and LETTUCE have popped up in the first Square Foot Garden.  Hubby loves RADISHES so I am pleased he will be rewarded soon for putting up the fence

I have never been able to grow CARROTS.  They usually grow to an inch long then stop growing !   
I have just sown CARROTS after soaking the seed for 2 days
Getting desperate now.....I have mixed CARROT seed with RADISH and dried Coffee granules to try to confuse the dreaded Carrot Fly
( any CARROT growing tips are very welcome please )

I want to grow some different vegetables.  I have never seen them or tasted them but I have just sown some KOHL RABI and SCORZONERA seed

I am probably sowing too much seed because my Grandparents used to say " Sow one for the Crow, one to rot and one to grow " which means sowing three times as much as it says on the packet !

One grape has gone to live in God's garden ( I wonder if they grow fruit and vegetables in Heaven ? ) after severe pruning by our furry gardener. All other Fruit are well and happy

Take care now and thanks for dropping by.  Marion x

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  1. You have been so busy Marion just reading this exhausts me. Our tomatoes are coming along and I have some coriander on the windowsill otherwise I am just hacking back the nettles and thorns that have taken over. I try to spend a few hours every week but it is difficult to find the time.
    take care, Shirley


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