Tuesday, 21 May 2013

21 May Feeling sluggish ?

Do you like the hole I've just dug ?  It must be good for Marion to take a photo of it. 

Whoops.... this is what she was trying to point out.  She keeps this pot with salt in it.  It is especially for slugs only.  When she finds a slug she puts it in the pot where it goes frothy and dies....poor slug.


  1. Hi Marion, See I am the first (hope of many) to join your new blog. I usually manage to grow tomatoes in grow bags every year and this year I have bought some bedding plant(watch out Alan Titchmarsh!) that is the extent of my knowledge. Other than that my garden is a wasteland so to me you seem pretty expert.
    Good luck in your new venture.

  2. Marion, good luck with the new blog, I think it is coming out nicely. I wish I had my own little garden but unfortunately living in a block of apartments gives little choice, just a condominal garden where we are not allowed to do any gardening ourselves but have to pay a gardener to have the lawn nice and clean and to tend to the flowers, which are very few.
    I am adding your new blog to my blog list.


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